Virtual Power Analyzer by Keysight - Altium Designer

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Virtual 1 day seminar via Internet

Virtual Power Analyzer by Keysight - Altium Designer

Time: 9:00am (CEST)

Location: Leonardy Electronics GmbH - Virtual Classroom


Resistivity, Conductivity, Voltage Drop
Calculation of Current Density J for tracks Via Current
PI-DC Simulation Power Integrity
Direct Current Simulation
Models of the copper structures
Calculations of power delivery voltages and currents across the PCB
Results: visual and tabular forms

Performing a Power Integrity Analysis
Manage Nets
Create a hierarchical network of the entire power delivery system
Power nets, Return nets
Series elements in Power Network
Show in Tree: Tree structure of the nets
Show in PCB (Crossprobe)

Analyzing the Power Network
Voltage Drop, Current Density, max. Via Current: *.pdnaK Document

Heatmap in PCB

Power Analyzer by Keysight Panel

Examine the Heatmaps in 2D and 3D

Exploring the Analysis Results: Measurements and Probes


Generating Reports
Export to Schematic: PNG-format

Manual: english